Friday, October 14, 2005

WTF? To My Friends from OD

I imagine any of you wandering in here from my website are as distressed as I am to see that OD seems to have gone to its reward. The WHOIS says its registration ran out October 8, 2005 and that it is currently pending renewal or death (okay, it doesn't say "death" per se, but that's what it boils down to). I hope it comes back. I like OD. I've kept Torin's journal there for a long time and it would be sad to lose our happy little community. There are diarists there that I don't know how to go about contacting if OD is gone forever, and to lose some of them would be a great blow to my online enjoyment, and in some cases, to my personal life.

TEO, if you're here, please drop me an email so I can find you. Harley, I have your email. And Sunshine Wolf's and Tuppence and I think I have Fully Caffeinated's somewhere as well. I don't have Me Explorer's any more since it was in my OD mail which cleaned itself out some months ago. Nor do I have any way to find MsNoSign, gel, Willow and Jule and all the others who are on my faves list over there. I do hope you all wander in through my site and let me know how to find you online again. Come to Blogspot, or go to LiveJournal (I'm there, too) and let's try to start another community, if OD is well and truly gone. Glad I downloaded all my story entries long ago.

With a sigh...


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Anonymous lady jade said...

Lady Jade here... OD seems to be doing ok as far as I know... the DM just issued credits to all OD+ members for site downtime. I miss seeing you around.

10:38 AM  
Blogger benclinton49207448 said...

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5:48 PM  
Anonymous Chilandra said...

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12:56 PM  

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