Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Still Lost in Time

It boggles my mind how quickly time flies by. I really should just bookmark the blogs I want to update regularly and get off my butt and do so. I do have random thoughts come up from time to time that I think about sharing and then I forget because the kids are on the computer or whatever. I might just opt for getting another computer just for me, once some of the bills are caught up, and they ARE getting caught up, which is a wonderful feeling.

2007 has been an odd year so far. January started with my ex-husband critically ill and he passed away on the 4th of that month. I was surprised at the depth of feeling I still had. We parted company in 1998 and I thought I had long since lost all feeling, but the grief was still there. He was only 53 and it seemed unfair to my kids to lose their dad so young, but so it goes.

February was one of my busiest Februarys, workwise, ever. And then March began with the critical illness of our oldest cat, who died on the 5th in my youngest daughter's arms. Then, a week later, the circulator for the radiators died and so my house was without heat in the coldest week of the year. Fortunately, I have electric heaters and a fireplace in the living room, so although some pipes froze, nothing burst, and I had the sense to drain the radiators so they wouldn't burst. Sometimes, you get lucky.

Now the weather is warmer, and work is slow this week, but maybe it's to give me a chance to get some other things done. As I said to one of my clients, if all I ever have to worry about is whether or not I can pay the bills and repairs and such, I've got the best life of anyone in the world.